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National History Day

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Click here for National History Day information!

Click here for Ohio History Day information!

Do you have questions about how to prepared for National History Day? Here are two sites that can help!

The first is a link to Freqently Asked Questions about NHD from the Ohio web site.

The second is a link to the Ohio History Day site where you can "Ask An Expert" about specfic question. Simply email your question to the follow address:

Click here for NHD FAQ!

Many students have had questions about if they can use commercial media (music or video) as part of their project. The answer is yes, as long as it matches law regulating its "fair use." For example, you could use up to 10% or a maximum of 3 minutes of a Hollywood movie as part of your project. Check out the following web site if you have questions:

Click here for "fair use" information