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For this project you will need a piece of historic audio that you'll use in GarageBand. This is easy if your source is on a CD or can be download for burning on a CD. This process can be more challenging is its "streamed" audio.

Streamed audio is available on the computer's player (Quicktime, RealOne, or Windows Media Player) only for listening, but not for download. There are however computer applications available to capture the audio and save it to a file.

In the Multimedia Lab the application we'll use with the Macintosh computers is called WireTap. This program will be demonstrated in class and is available download for a Macintosh computer at the following web site:

Another Macintosh program that also works well is called Audio Hijack. It can be found at:


If you are recording at home on a PC, you will need to find a different application that is compatible with the Windows OS. A good place to learning about how to capture either video or audio on a PC is at the following web site:

Another place that you can find PC applications that will record streamed audio is at Here are some of the applications you may want to consider using.

I'm sure there are other programs out there for the PC that may be better than the ones I've listed. Give me feedback and tell me which works best. will give you ratings that may effect your decision about which to try. Most offer a tryout period that you will utilized for this project. If you really like the application, you should consider paying for it to encourage shareware development

Good luck!