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Fourth Quarter Theme: What happens when government fails?

Objective: Use a movie to teach a lesson a 10-15 minute lesson illustrating a consequential government lesson to the class.

Step One - Brainstorm/Review potential movies that could address project objective. Read reviews and/or critiques of movie(s) and make your selection.

Write research memo that addresses this selection and send it to - this memo should be in the following format:

to -
fr - (your email)
topic - (movie title) E.g., Children of Men

(address these questions with body of text you send)
1. Why did you select this movie?
2. What is the lesson from the movie that you plan to teach the class
3. What format do you plan to use to make the 10-15 minute presentation to the class?

Memo due by 4-12-07 at 12:30 PM

Here are links to web sites that may help you make your movie selection. These site came from Google searches for: "movies about government" or "political movies".

Movies 1

Movies 2

Movies 3

Movies 4

Movies 5

Movies 6

Movie Critique Directons

1. Look up movie on
2. Use link on left hand side of page to access profession reviews
3. Read it and write a one page response based upon the review and send it to This assignment is due Thursday by 12:30 PM.

Movie Project -Content Requirement
You must have a "government lesson" that you will teach the class based on your movie
Lesson must be RESEARCHABLE,(I.e., a proposition that can backed up by research)

Start by refining your memo into a THESIS ( a statement that is put forward as a premise to be proven)

Conduct research to reform your position
Must have at least 3 sources, one of which you will summarize to a page for class distribution the day of presentation

Research Sources
3 sources required

2 must come from:
QUESTIA (provided by Schuster, see Yant for help)
CQ Electronic Library (gold sheet passwords)

3rd source is your choice. Some good gold sheet options:
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Prepare 1 page research summary for class the day of your presentation