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UAC CPP Semester One Exam

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CPP exam will be composed of the following:
1 - completion of remaining ITI presentations
2 - CPP essay

Select a current political problem from a provided list and write a maximum of 2 typed pages which in order includes:
a - a definition of the problem (paragraph one)
b - an explanation of the different issues currently beginning debated (at least one paragraph/issue)
c - advocacy of an answer you like best and an explanation why (final paragraph)

Students will use their laptops to complete this assignment. Your research and writing should incorporate skills you've developed in the course. Finally, you'll need to find and site reliable information sources. Use of school data bases will be highly respected.

A works cited page is required. Use of Noodle Tools is encouraged. It is available at . (user - noodle07, password - ramen)

Please select one of the following topic list:

1 - The Future of Recycling
Here are some questions to consider when addressing this topic:
- Is a zero-waste society achievable?
- Is there a waste disposal crisis in the United States?
- Do product ban reduce waste?
- Should producers be responsible for disposing of used products?

2 - Torture Debate
- Is the U.S. War On Terror legitimizing torture?
- Is torture effective?
- Is torture ever justified?
- Have U.S. attitudes toward torture changed?

3 - Students Under Stress
- Do schools assign too much homework?
- Are students today under more academic pressure than in past generations?
- Are high-stakes test putting too much pressure on students?
- Do specialized education program, that are tailored to students’ learning, help or hurt their ability to compete academically?

Final Step
Email your exam to account. You have the entire day to finish this exam. The subject line must read:

uac semester one exam

At least one mandatory answer must be sent by the end of the exam period (10 AM). If you use more time to finish by the end of the day, the final email must be sent by 11:50 PM today.

Good luck!