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Current Events Friday
Election 08
Global History Homework
Global Exam Review
UAC CPP Homework
Scavenger Hunt Clues
I to I Project
Current Events Assignment
BLOG Guide
Current Events Friday
Tech Links
Current Events
UAC Committees
Iraq War Primer
Primary Resources
Internet Evaluation
Reference Data Bases
UAC Computer Backup
MLA Format
5 Point Essay

Current Event Fridays
Student Requirements:

1 - Media (print, audio, visual)
2 - Leadership
make plan for how media will be shared and how class will interact with it
3 - Scholarship
proved you knew topic and/or were willing to find answer(s)
4 - Activity
provide some way in which the class can interact which the content of the topic
5 - Blog Follow-out
Review the CQCs from your neighbors and answer the most common and/or interesting. One per person is minimum requirement.

Presentation Schedule:
Weston, Taylor

Ryan, Victoria

(yea, I know it's Wednesday, but we are running out of time!)
Chris, Nick

Alex, Kelsey