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Click here for PBS program featuring effects of nuclear bomb

Destruction of a Nuclear Blast
Would you survive a nuclear blast? Check out a hydrogen bomb's "zones of destruction."

Tour a Secret Government Bunker
For years the U.S. government maintained a top secret bomb shelter for Congressmen, in case of nuclear attack. Come take a virtual tour of this facility.

View Film Footage of Actual Blasts
Video clips of several detonations and their effects.

Take the Panic Quiz
This quiz, taken from a 1953 issue of Collier's magazine, rates your panic quotient.

Nuclear Stockpiles and Tests
Two charts that reveal U.S. vs. Soviet nuclear weapon stockpiles and nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1997.

Click here for 1979 Congressional Report on Effect of a Nuclear War

At the request of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the Office of Technology Assessment has undertaken to describe the effects of a nuclear war on the civilian populations, economies, and societies of the United States and the Soviet Union.

Constitution Interactive

This is a great source to find explore any aspect of the U.S. Constitution. It contains ways to search for information by keywords, topic, or Supreme Court cases.

Iran Next? Seymour Hersh article on U.S. plans to innvade Iran

Grapes of Wrath movie script

D-Day 101

This site has everything you want to know about Operation Overlord. It contains multiple interactive and multimedia features to give the viewer a vivid account of the turning point of the European theater.

How historically accurate is Saving Private Ryan?

Great site to answer many questions you might have about the film. It can be used for either searching a term, or browsing via the alphebetical index.

What really happened at Pearl Harbor?

Is what happened in the movie Pearl Harbor accurate? Find out the real story from this site by the United States Navy. It identifies the FAQs (frequently asked questions) many people have about the event that got the US into WWII.

Washington Post site on Impeachment

This is a site from the Washington Post newspaper that contains tons of information about President Clinton's impeachment. An excellent resource on the topic!

UnaBomber Web Site

This CNN/Time web site contains the text written by Theodore Kaczynski. His manifesto against technology was published in the New York Times and Washington Post by request of the FBI in hopes that the writing might provide leads to the UnaBomber's identity.

American Promise

This site is by our textbook's publisher. It contains all kinds of material based on our class curriculum. One item that is especially helpful is the quiz section that allows you to practice problems and find the correct answer before you take the in class quiz!

Learning Center Links to Online Databases

Click above for Noodle Tools, Infohio, AP Photo Archive, CQElectronic Library, CountryWatch, eLibrary, Grove Art Online, and Opposing Viewpoints. These are great resources that normally cost money, but are free to students. Pick up a yellow sheet from the LC for passwords.

Ohio Graduation Test

Are you worried about the Ohio Graduation Test? Information is power! Check out the above site by the State of Ohio that gives you up-to-date material on the OGT.

The Fountain

What is art? Marcel Duchamp shook up the art world in
1917. Click this link to find out how? For extra credit, try a
google search on "Marcel Ducamp" and report your results!

911 Commission's Final Report

How do we win the war on terrorism? See what the 911 Commission said in answer to this question. The above link provides tons of information on this subject, including links the the Commission's web site and a summary of its findings.

Audio files on 911 Commission

Do you prefer to listen to the 911 Commission findings to reading the report? Try the above link to NPR's reporting on the Commission's recommendations.

Philadelphia Inquirer site on Black Hawk Down

The Original Newspaper Series Online
Experience the dramatic raid of Mogadishu with's Black Hawk Down site, featuring full text of the Philadelphia Inquirer series plus exclusive photos, video, audio, and more. Produced by the Philadelphia Inquirer and

Click here to find out what happened to participants of Black Hawk Down event

Somalia Timeline

Click above for a timeline of events that surround the Black Hawk Down movie.