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To complete the scavenger hunt exam you will need to do a combination of activities. All locations are on the school campus and should be accessed by foot. The basic process is:

1 - do action and/or take clue(s)
2 - discover solution
3 - use answer to find next location

Look for a Community School person at each scavenger hunt location. They will tell you what you need to do next.

The fold you received in the classroom has a location assist stapled inside that tell you the answer to the next location if you are stuck. The team that either pulls the least assist, or finishes fastest, wins the scavenger hunt.

Information on this page should assist you in finding locations, but some clues on this page are intended as red herrings, so be careful. Good luck!

Thanks for a great year.


The Star-Spangled Banner

clue B-2

le base-ball

clue $


clue 0000


clue 1

māt de drapeau

Clue 3

june 23, 2008 Championships

food clue

1650 Ridgeview Road

Clue D-15


clue 2

Clue 98989


Clue 45


Clue 911

deer skeleton