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Use the following sites to conduct online research for current event topics.

Click here for Awsome Library


Awesome Library kind of says it all. The menu looks sort of plain, but don't let that fool you. Pursue links to discover rich content on this site.

Wikipedia current events


Wikipedia is great when used as one of multiple sources. This part of Wikipedia has a calendar that can be used to track current events as they occurrred over time.

Click here for Yahoo world news.


Yahoo news has great world coverage. Includes a nice scrolling news bar containing breaking events.

Click here for CNN World


CNN is a great news site. Did you know its news is sorted by regions of the world? The above link gives you regional news coverage.

Click here for Infoplease


Infoplease tends to be best for brainstorming a list. It has a good break down by year.

Click here for Google's directory


If you've never used Google's directory to assist you on searches, you're in for a treat. It has a wonderful listing of every possible news source from the entire world!