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Use this page to keep track of work being done by Upper Arlington's Community School committees. There are currently four standing committees of Fairness, Public Relations, Service Learning, and Technology. These groups meet every other Friday. The following information is a reflection of the minutes recorded by each committee:


Fairness Minutes from 9/28/07:

Today in Fairness, we had a new member join (Nic K.). We also discussed the Stone Lab persecuation rules. We determined that the same school rules apply during the fieldtrip. We expect kids making poor decisions while there and we will probably hold a trial while at the lab.

Public Relations

PR Committee minutes from 9/28/07:

Download the original attachment

PR Committee Meeting

September 28, 2007

Members Present: Austin S. Taylor R., Kelsey K., Amy Glandon, Seairra F., Victoria H, Alex D., Renee B, Alyssa G, Melissa H., Bobby P.

Topics Discussed: Parent Contact List finished up.

Halloween Party:

Haunted Hoochie

Yant’s farm for a hay ride

Costume Contest Opt in

Something like the Winter Solstice?

Movie Marathon lock in

Parent Committee: Amy will send an email to the parents.



Social Events


Odyssey celebration

How to better utilize parents?

Make the food

Outside opinions

Party Volunteering

Parent Meeting (What dates work for you?)

One person from the community school (1 teacher and 1 student)


Victoria/Alyssa random pictures etc. On random days

Articles: Taylor, Amy, Austin and Alyssa

Alyssa to write the first Article.

To decide what is written the meetings close to time of articles.

“2nd year, we're off to a good start”


No Service Committee miinutes were submitted from 9/28/07


Technology Committee minutes from 9/28/07:

Peter was unanimously voted chair.

Talked of possibly soundproofing the room, talking to the school about its importance.

Peter mentioned connections and possible discounts concerning soundproofing.

For demonstrations we talked about possible times and different ways to determine when and what we should demonstrate.

Possible sign-up sheet to determine topics

should we do it only on big applications or on small little tidbits

Peter suggested that we could make tutorials once we get the snaps program

Yant suggested password: bingo username: uahs

Peter suggested setting up an expert list (a list for students to look up who knows what when they need specific help)

Day: Wednesday or Thursday for first tutorial or even next Monday

What about the smartboard?

Yant says that it is just a matter of bringing the smartboard back out here.

Dunn talked about how he had already called the vending machine company and that it would be $25 a month. Talk of using the profit from the machine to go towards the community school. What kind of items should we sell?

Ryan is trying to connect to the server in hopes of setting up an electronic voting system. It's all set up but only needs to be connected to the server.

Everybody continue doing jobs.