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Click here for web evaluation tools.


How can you tell if a web site is trustworthy? A Google search can result in quick findings, but how do you know that it is legitimate? A good strategy is to use a web evaluation form that helps you ask the critical questions necessary to reveal if a site is credible. This assignment asks you to apply just such a test. This activity connects web research with our first unit theme titled, What is America?


Our first lens of the unit is about the diversity of America. Use the Internet to look up an article about ethnicity and/or race in America. Find one result you like and print out at least one page of the site. Be sure to include the site's web address on this page. You can avoid printing multiple pages by specifying the page range in the print window to create only page 1 to page 1.


Is this a credible source? Test the site you choose using the following site:

(Type above URL or click link at top of this page.)

This page list dozens of links to other sites that specialize to telling whether or not a site is legitimate. Choose one you like and print out the analysis criteria.


Was our source on ethnicity a good one? Compare your research result to the web analysis criteria to decide the answer. Write at least one paragraph that applies the criteria to form your answer.

Now that you have finished the evaluation, what do you think are the top three aspects a research should apply to web sites to determine its authenticity? List these 3 aspects below your paragraph answer.