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MLA Format
5 Point Essay

Major points of the your section's content were completely covered.
All points presented were completely accurate without historic mistakes
Presenter clearly understood their topic

Communication of section content was developed in a manor that was extremely interesting for participants.
Smooth delivery reflected practice of presentation prior to it being given in class
Met time limit goal of 15 minutes

Project parts were perfectly organized matching together content, delivery, and preparation in seamless fashion.
Includes a project folder turned in the day of presentation that contains all research work and printed Noodle Tools works cited as first page.
Contained an activity component that reviewed key points the audience was expected to know

Total effort was devoted to this project as evidenced by the superior craftsmanship of the presentation.
Written materials were error free showing thorough checks of spelling and grammar.

"Good Story"
Contained highly engaging story made up of interesting details that reflect quality research outside to the textbook.
Resulted in audience thinking "WOW!"