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Complete the following questions in preparation for Friday's field trip to municipal building. You'll need to be connected to the internet and have access to the following web site:

UA municipal web site

1. When was UA incorporated?
2. How many people live in UA?
3. What type of government does the city use to operate?
4. How many people sit on city council? What is their terms of office?
5. What is the responsibility of city council?
6. what is the city motto?

7-15 Who are the following persons? What is their job?
7. Who is the City Manager?
8. Who is the Assistant City Manager?
9. Who is the City Attorney?
10. Who is the City Clerk?
11. Who is the Director of Development?
12. Who is the Finance Director?
13. Who is the Director of Parks and Recreation?
14. Who is the Police Chief?
15. Who is the Director of Public Services?

16. How much of the city's land is currently dedicated to commercial use?
17. View the zoning map for UA. What zoning classification dominates our city?
18. Name the roads that have commercial develop?
19. What is Mayor's Court?
What is the mandatory court fine for no turn on red (section 335.04C3)?
20. How many boards and commissions exist in service of UA?

Who are the following persons pictured from our local government?

21. _________________________

22. _________________________

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28. _________________________

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