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Has a girl ever been a school shooter?
Yes, there have been a few female school shooters throughout time. An earlier example of this would be 17-year-old Brenda Spencer who shot into her school with the rifle she got for Christmas in 1979.

What are the main reasons that someone would become
violent at school?
The main reasons I have found in my research were 1) The shooter had been harassed by other students verbally or physically, and 2) Relationship Issues, and 3) Depression.

Why was there a play called annie get your gun at this
school with a gun on the front flyer if there is a no tollerance
I can only assume it is somewhere along the same lines as Mr. Hammonds response on violence in the school, “There are bigger issues to deal with such as theft”.

I think that some things are too dress code and
the thing with the kindergarden kids playing cops and
I agree with you on this. There are several occurrences of unfair demonstrations of the zero tolerance policy. Another situation was when a boy was inspired by the movie October Sky to build his own rocket out of 2 attached pop cans. After taking this to school, he showed a teacher and was suspended for bringing a weapon to school. He was in the 3rd grade.

Are all people who commit school violence insane?
I would consider this an ambiguous question because it depends on how you define someone as insane. Most of these people were just tired of getting made fun of. Others had mental/depression issues. So I would probably say no, not all school shooters are insane.

What are the consequeces of these different types of
Consequences of violence are things such as increases security in schools, search dogs, metal detectors and the Zero Tolerance policy.

Wasn't the Virginia Tech massacre the worst school
shooting in history?
It depends; it IS the worst school shooting but not the worst case of school violence. Columbine was also seen as one of the worst because of how it dragged on and how the 2 boys.

How can the students and staff of schools prevent school
violence? How can you nip it in the butt?
In my opinion it would start with encouraging the friendliness among students. Students that get along are less likely to shoot each other. Also something that would help would be not to have the attitude of one of our assistant principals, which is that if the students don’t read the handbook, its their fault.

Lary the cable Guy: "blaming guns for violence is
like blaming a pencil for misspelled words"
This is true. People are coming from the wrong angle to blame weapons on the reason kids commit violence. You have to work with the children to prevent things like this. When a kid picks up a gun, he doesn’t take it to school to kill people, he has to have a reason first.

Why doesn't ua put posters up?
After being directed to Mr. Hammond with my issues, he told me that there are not posters up around the school because it would not be visually appealing. I was surprised to hear this from a school official and was disappointed.

1) What is the yearly adequate progress based on?
The yearly adequate progress is a measure representing the federal mandate that holds schools accountable for the performance of subgroups, as well as all students, it is based on the schools prior performance and goals that the government sets for improvement

2) What was Amy trying to prove in her section?
I was trying to show the inconsistencies in our schools today. How the money for the schools is extremely unequal, as well as the demographics and school rankings.

3) Does the percent of economically disadvantaged students, graduation rate, and attendance rate correlate with the test scores and quality of schools?
Yes it does, generally in schools that have a higher percent of economically disadvantaged students the test scores and graduation rate is lower because there is less funding for the schools making them inadequate.

4) What education system works better, American or Japanese?
You can not accurately compare the two. It is dependent on what type of education you prefer and what type of students you wish to produce. Generally, Japanese education is more strict and has less room for creativity, there for you are more likely to get a disciplined “machine” like type of student, where as in America creativity and diversity is embraced and there are more options for the student

5) How can Logan county have enough money for smart boards but not a couple extra teachers?
In the long run it was cheaper to buy smart boards then to pay teachers of an extended period of time, also it was more then a few teachers it was several teachers for several buildings

6) The houses in UA are so expensive because the education is so much better then others
The reason we have such good education is because the houses are so expensive. It is a “get what you pay for” mentality. We pay so much to live here because there is such a superior school system.

7) Poverty rate is the deciding factor in school quality.
The poverty rate is one of the main factors in deciding school quality. Unfortuantely with the way our public education is set up poorer areas have lower property taxes meaning that the schools have less funding. Even more unfortunate is that these poorer areas have even more kids which means the schools need more money.

8) Is there a cultural difference when it comes to kids being comfortable talking to their teachers about personal matters?
It is partially cultural, but personality makes the biggest difference. However, American culture does accept talking to your teachers about personal things more so then Japanese culture

9) What were the school district ratings used for?
School district ratings are used to give a description of the school based on the demographics and economics of the school. It puts all the schools on a scale creating a reference to compare them all.

10) What are private schools like in Japan?
By American standards most schools in Japan are private, they have very few private schools, there are Japanese public schools which require uniforms assigned seats harsh discipline, and other things that would be equivalent to American private schools. There are also American schools in Japan for the American teenagers who live there.