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ITI projects don't stop after the presentation. Students send their comments, questions, and connection to the account. Mr. Yant collects them together and sends them back to the presenters, along with the scores that were awarded by the class.

The next step is for presenters to review this material and respond to them. First review the grades given by classmates. Pull out the project rubric and determine what score you think you earned. Back this grade with a narrative made up of a combination of rubric based evidence and student feedback. Email this work to the uaccpp@gmailcom account, subject line "ITI (your name) FINAL GRADE."

By now you should have also sent the most important three points assignment to Mr. Yant. This lists the top 3 ideas that were contained in your ITI presentation and has a multiple-choice question written for each. The questions will be collected onto a test that the whole class will take. On the test students can use notes they recorded from your presentation. They also will use this web site extension as part of their preparation.

The ITI extension is your answer to the top 10 questions student CQCs. After your presentation, Mr. Yant emailed the student CQCs to you for review. You pick the top 10 and respond with appropriate answers or comments that help that class better understand your project. A link to your answers will be added in the table below when you finish your work.

Good luck!

Stephannie - Factory Farming

Doyle - Teen Drinking

Weston - NAFTA

Galantowciz - Eugenics

Seairra - Animal Testing

Alyssa - Blood Donations

Alex, Amy, Maxxx - Education

Ryan - Education

Evan - Military Service

Billy - Philosophy

Presenters Topics or Dates:
Victoria - photography, fine art v snapshots
Kabealo - graffiti
Kelsey - deaf culture
Brian - Walmart
Ann - politics of Justice Dept and Attorney General
Bobby - Anime
Richer (as available)
Rytel & Peter - Alternative Fuels
Austin - video game violence
Anderson - euthanasia
Leo (as available)
Chris (as available)
Ingrid & Hannah - Darfur
Miles - government corruption
Renee - fashsion patents/knockoffs